How Much Does a Gas Station Owner Make?

gas station for sale in Ontario

How Much Does a Gas Station Owner Make in Ontario?

Are you looking for a gas station for sale in Ontario? If you are, you’ve likely pondered the question, “how much does a gas station owner make?”

Not all gas station owners will make the same amount as a yearly wage. As well, your take-home pay will be dependant on the location of your new gas station. Other variables at play will include how much you pay for your gas station for sale in Ontario. Generally, when you pay more for a gas station, you expect it will earn more than a cheaper one.

What is a Gas Station Owner’s Salary?

You would be correct in assuming a gas station owner’s salary will depend on many different variables. In general, though, you can expect your earnings to be anywhere from $35,000 to $150,000 per Million Litre Fuel Sales and convenience store sale from 18% to 25% for overall sales including cigarette and Lottery sales. Overall gas station may be 8 to 15% Cap rate, depending on location and condition of the business.

Fuel is your main commodity,  it may earn much more profit than 3.5c to 15c  per litre on regular gas, Premium gas 10c to 15 C and Diesel 15c to 20c per lister depending on local competition.  However, selling soft drinks, tobacco, fast food, and incidentals will add up more profit for you. Also, buying a gas station for sale in Ontario with a convenience store and food franchise attached will make more money.

Can You Increase Your Profits in a Gas Station?

Enterprising business owners are always looking for ways to create more profit. When it comes to gas stations, there is a lot you can do to increase your investments earning potential. You could change suppliers, add new products, or drop items that aren’t making money.

You could also add extra services to your gas station, such as car wash, detailing or cleaning. Many gas stations include an auto service centre, which gives you many more opportunities to make more profit.

Lowering prices may be an option. Yes, it might sound crazy, but people love cheaper fuel and will go a little out of their way to get it. Therefore, lower prices could be a great way to increase your customer numbers.

The location of the gas station for sale in  is critical. An area with a lot of traffic will get a lot more customers. Buying on major intersection or high traffic  could also increase your earning potential. You should also consider buying in an area with a high income demographic because these families typically spend more on fuel.

Give Excellent Customer Service

Everybody needs gas for their vehicle, but there are plenty of places they can go to get it. When you are the proud owner of your new gas station in Ontario, pay attention to customer service.

Make sure your customers have a pleasant experience purchasing from your business. Otherwise, they could end up going to another gas station, even though it might be a little more inconvenient.

As you can see, once the sale of your gas station has gone through, you still have some work to do. This means you need to go into your new investment after a lot of market research and a solid business plan if you want any finance. However, more cars are getting put on the road every year, which means you are buying into a growth industry.

If you are looking for a gas station for sale in Ontario, check out GasStationforSale.Ca. The website has many options, so you are sure to find a gas station that suits your business goals.




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