Gas Station for Sale with Coin Car Wash

Car wash is key business for profits!
Are you looking  for gas station for sale with coin car wash ?.  Planning to start a gas station business is no small feat. Taking time to put together a comprehensive business plan will give you the direction you have to go. That will also help you in the long run for setting the business up. Based on our experience dealing with hundreds of clients, we have detailed the necessary steps that you can take while starting the vetting process.

  • First, understand the products or services you are planning to offer in your gas station. Are you planning to set up a convenience store, a mini restaurant, or a coin car wash? Are you ready to provide mechanical services? You have to study a bit to understand what benefits you can offer before starting the buying process.
  • If you have answers to the previous point, you will understand how much funds and labour you need to run the business. You don’t need a lot of skilled laborers when it comes to handling a pump. However, if you plan to have a car wash or offer mechanical services, you need skilled labour and extra cost.
  • It is mandatory to advertise your business hence have an advertising strategy in place is recommended. If you are going with franchising, the brand itself will help you with these aspects. However, if you’re going unbranded, you will need help to plan out the marketing strategy – hire an expert like us.
  • Since the gas station business is a risky business by default, you will have to pay specific taxes, buy special insurances, and permits. Insurance premium might be on the higher side because it has to cover explosions, fire, theft, and other liabilities that most other businesses do not have.

Gas Station with Coin Car Wash: You’ll have to remember, the gasoline cost is not stable, and it fluctuates daily. Talking about extra income, if you are looking for a gas station with a coin car wash, we have a few listed. It is easier than running a convenience store or mechanical shop. Though it is a small-scale business, it is a significant revenue generated over the day.

Coin car wash is something most people look for in a station as it saves them time and is easy to access. A coin car wash is an automated car wash that operates on coin or token.

Some gas stations allow the vehicles to use loyalty cards or credit cards. To use this facility, all one has to do is park the car inside a large covered bay with a trigger gun with a high-pressure sprayer, and a foam brush to scrub. Based on the number of coins inserted, the machine decides the amount of time the user can use the facility. Some stations even have vacuum stations that will help the user to clean the upholstery separately. Recent additions are the hand dryers.

If you are looking for a gas station for sale with a coin car wash, get in touch with us, and we will guide you to the complete process till you close the deal.

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