Gas Station for Sale in Windsor

Gas Station For Sale In Windsor

The gas station business is one of the most preferable businesses in Ontario. Demand for fuel in Canada is constant and is not likely to go away any soon. Simply put, all of us run on gas. Right from driving to work to the trucks that carry goods across,  everything uses gas, and this is a big business with some big money. If you are looking for a gas station for sale in Windsor, you have come to the right place. At Nav Sidhu, we have been in this business for over a decade, and with the network built over the years, we will be able to find a suitable one for you.

In Windsor,  though this is an excellent and unique business/investment opportunity, business due diligence,  legal and contract aspects must be dealt with before signing the purchase agreement.  Please go into the deal with open eyes and take our help. Our expertise not only helps you find the right gas station for sale in Windsor, but it also enables you to save money. To give you a sample, here are some things that we will help you with when making the decision.

  • Buying branded or unbranded: Based on your preference and the investment amount, we will suggest you go with the branded or unbranded ones. Though branded ones are the best bet,  with a bit of help from us, you’ll be able to even make big bucks with unbranded ones.
  • Inheritance: You should check what you are getting into. What we mean by inheritance is what you are taking over from the previous owner. First and foremost, check the supply contract of the previous owner. Read through it carefully and make sure there is nothing outright in the agreement that will hurt the business. Take the help of a professional  to see if this might turn out to be a profitable buy or turn to us. We will do all the due diligence on your behalf.
  • Potential: The demography matters. Understand the potential of the gas station. Check if it is in the route which is frequented by trucks. The property should be constructed accordingly,  so that such big fleet vehicles or trucks have an easy way in and out of the station.
  • Add additional stores: Looking at a property with a convenience store or a car wash, a refreshment centre can add much more value and increase your bottom line.
  • Understand your investment: Are you only looking to buy a gas station for sale in Windsor, or are you also planning to buy the land? There are possibilities that there are two different owners to it, so you’ll have to deal with both of them.
  • Get our help: Always leave the background work to an expert like us. We have helped hundreds of buyers buy excellent properties in Windsor. They will stand testimony to the quality of service we deliver. We believe in keeping in touch with our customers even after the deal is closed. Most of our customers are return customers, because of the ease at which we brokered this deal.

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